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About Us


Extralife’s range of nutritional and dietary supplements may help boost your health and wellbeing, allowing you to live life to the fullest.

If you use them daily as part of your healthy diet and exercise regime, or just in times of stress or illness, our nutritional supplements provide support when you need it.

In easy to use liquid formulas, our nutritional supplements have helped support the wellbeing of generations of Australian families – especially during times of stress or illness.

The Extralife family includes well-known Australian pharmacy brands Clements and Hypol.

Clements has over 130 years of history supporting Australian families while Hypol has been well known since the early 1900s.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. Supplements may only be of assistance if dietary intake is inadequate. 

If symptoms persist, talk to your healthcare professional.


1868 – Kruses Fluid Magnesia is first produced in Melbourne.

1882 – Clements Tonic is first sold and advertised. It comes in a “green” and “red” labelled version with different formulas.

1899 – Hypol was being sold and advertised.

1906 – Hypol was registered as a trademark, one of the oldest trademarks that remains in operation today.

1980 – Clements Tonic red label is renamed “Clements Iron” in line with the new Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) regulations. The green label remains the same “Clements Tonic” formula we still enjoy today.

2000 – Cherry flavoured Hypol, with a new and improved formula is introduced to the range.


Clements was created and formulated by Frederick Moore Clements (1859-1920), a pharmacist and manufacturing chemist. Originally from England, in 1880 Clements visited South Africa where he ‘discovered’ the formula for ‘Clements Tonic’ (now known as Clements Energy & Focus). There he met another pharmacist, T. B. Melhuish who also had a strong interest in tonic preparations. In 1881 Clements followed Mr Melhuish to Sydney and worked in his pharmacy, later opening his own pharmacy where he began manufacturing his specialised tonic. Clements was first mentioned in a Felton Grimwade pricelist in 1882. Clements’s tonic, known as the ‘twin brother of health and strength’, enjoyed strong commercial success. It was advertised widely as a wonder for many ailments — ‘Nervous Breakdown in particular’.


The first advertisement for Hypol dates to 1899 where it was advertised for ‘Weakness after Influenza … Loss of Strength …HYPOL is pleasant and palatable’. Created within the laboratories of Felton Grimwade, the key ingredient of cod liver oil was widely recognised for its health and wellbeing benefits. Hypol was registered as a trade mark in 1906 and remains one of the oldest trade marks still in operation today, at number 111 in the Australian trade mark register.

Historical Clements Hypol