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Kruse's Fluid Magnesia

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  • Corrects magnesium deficiency & improves general well-being
  • Assists with many conditions associated with magnesium deficiency, such as cramping
  • A gentle antacid to relieve indigestion in times of stomach acidity
  • Proven to be effective over 140 years
  • Concentrated magnesium bicarbonate
  • Rapidly absorbed and easily digested
  • Australian made & owned

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Kruse’s Fluid Magnesia is a therapeutic magnesium supplement to improve general well-being and correct magnesium deficiency. Rapidly absorbed. Easily digested. Antacid, helps relieve indigestion, flatulence, heartburn and dyspepsia when due to acidity.


  • Corrects magnesium deficiency
  • Improves general well-being
  • Gentle antacid to relieve indigestion


Extra Information

What is magnesium?

Magnesium is an essential mineral required by every organ in the body for a range of activities including bone, protein and fatty acid formation. It is also essential in activating vitamins B and D, relaxing muscles, regulating calcium levels and helping blood to clot and is required for the secretion of insulin. Many of us do not get enough magnesium in our diets. Adults require about 300 to 400 milligrams a day.

Where is it found?

Magnesium is found in varying levels in nuts, wholegrains, dark green vegetables, fish and meat. Rich sources include pumpkin and sunflower seeds, bran, tofu, potatoes, spinach and baked beans.

Why supplement?

·      Too much stress, processed food, caffeine and alcohol, or heavy periods, can lower your magnesium levels. It's relatively easy to become mildly deficient in magnesium, but simple dietary changes or supplements can restore it.


May be taken undiluted or in water, juice, cordial or milk.


General well-being

Magnesium deficiency



25-50mL once a day

50-100mL 2-3 times a day

50-100mL 2-3 times a day

Children 6 - 12 years

25-50mL 1-2 times a day

Infants up to 5 years

5-10mL 1-2 times a day

Care should be taken to keep the bottle tightly sealed to prevent the formation of crystals. If crystals do form, shake well and use in the normal way. The crystals are still as useful medically as when in solution.


Each litre of Kruse’s Fluid Magnesia contains:

Magnesium bicarbonate 29,930mg, equal to Magnesium 4,920mg.
The magnesium bicarbonate is formed from 8,200mg magnesium oxide solubilised with carbon dioxide. It is slightly effervescent. 

Kruse’s Fluid Magnesia is gluten free, alcohol free and does not contain any wheat or nuts. It is suitable for coeliacs and those who are lactose intolerant. Kruse’s Fluid Magnesia is also suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.


Always read the label and use only as directed.  If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.  

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