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Why are you really tired?

Why are you really tired?  Ironing out the facts…

Between racing to the supermarket, writing reports, washing the dog and the endless plod of housework, a multi-tasking lifestyle is now so common as to barely raise an eyebrow.   It’s easy to blame exhaustion on an over-full schedule; but is it really what’s making you tired?

Data shows that up to a third of Australian women under 50 don’t get enough iron in their daily diet…. so there could be more to your lack of “pep” than just being busy.

And low iron levels don’t just cause tiredness: they’ve also been linked with poor immune function,  negative effects on body temperature, work performance and the ability to think clearly.2

If you’re low in iron and looking for a way to help restore your spark and vitality, try Clements Iron.  

Clements is a fast-acting, nutritionally balanced liquid formula which helps boost iron levels and general wellbeing.

Clements Iron contains iron in the form of Ferrochel™, an amino acid chelate which is gentle on the stomach – freeing you of those unpleasant side effects many iron tablets can cause, such as constipation and bloating.

It also contains helpful B-Vitamins for energy metabolism, and minerals such as Zinc, Potassium, Iodine and Manganese for a further nutritional (and brain!) boost.

Best of all the liquid formula is pleasant tasting and easy to take… acting fast, so you can almost feel it lifting your energy from the first dose.

For more than 100 years Clements Iron has been an Australian favourite, a traditional formula which works naturally and synergistically to help lift iron levels and boost vitality.

So if tired is not an option for you, try Clements … and iron out your energy levels today.

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