How Extralife can help you

Everyone wants to look and feel their best, and living a healthy lifestyle is definitely the key.  Eating wholesome foods, getting enough rest and exercise are all vital - but during times of stress or illness nutritional supplements can assist the body’s natural defences. Extralife has a range of products that can assist you and we like to consider ourselves experts on the subject because our products have been around for over 140 years.


So, now that we have established who Extralife are, how can we help you?

Immunity, Cold & Flu

The best way to get over a cold is not to catch one in the first place – easier said than done!  The immune system is the body’s defence against invading viruses and keeping it in top shape may assist in warding off illness.  Extralife has some terrific nutritional products to assist immune system function and reduce the length and severity of colds.  Plus, you can soothe your symptoms the natural way with the comfort of traditional remedies.

Energy & Performance

Stressed?  Recovering from illness?  Just need a general wellbeing boost?  Sometimes it feels like there’s something lacking, and with our busy lifestyles making extra demands on our energy that something may be addressed by a nutritional supplement.  Extralife can help you get more out of life - enhancing recovery or sports performance, helping ease stress and mild anxiety and boosting general wellbeing, naturally.

Bones, joints & muscles

Muscle cramps are painful spasms of the muscles, particularly affecting the feet and legs.  They affect people more at night, and pregnant women, those with a nutritional deficiency or stress, or athletes who sweat profusely are much more susceptible.  Magnesium deficiency can be a key cause, and supplements may assist and ease the symptoms.  Liquid magnesium supplements are the most readily absorbed form, entering the bloodstream quickly and giving fast relief.

Brain health & memory

Keeping our brains healthy and active, particularly as we age, is very important.  A balanced diet (including plenty of Omega 3’s), fresh air, exercise and mental stimulation are all key; herbal nutrients are another area that is being explored.  Gingko Biloba is one herb which has been widely studied; traditionally used to help support cognitive function and assist circulation to the brain and peripheral areas.

Digestion & detox

Too much of a good thing?  Whether it’s food, alcohol or just general overindulgence sometimes the body needs a helping hand to rest and recover.  Magnesium is an excellent traditional antacid which works by neutralising excess stomach acids.  In a liquid form it’s absorbed better so relief comes fast, helping you get on with your day quicker.


'Stress' has become a widely used and yet poorly understood term. It describes everything from being a bit tired to being frantically busy at work.   When we feel under stress our body kicks into high gear to deal with the perceived “threat”. Heartbeat, breathing rate and blood pressure all go up. It diverts energy away from other vital bodily processes to cope. The longer the period of stress, the more serious the physical repercussions can become.   A wholistic approach to stress management should include exercise, mediation or relaxation techniques and even aromatherapy. Supplements, too, may assist - particularly those high in B vitamins which can help the body cope with stress.

Women’s Health

Iron deficiency is one of the most common nutritional disorders, affecting predominantly women - including pregnant women, whose needs increase during pregnancy - teenagers, athletes and vegetarians.  Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms and it should always be assessed by a medical professional.  Supplements can assist in boosting nutritional iron levels and address the balance again, helping lift energy levels and general wellbeing.